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Call for Poster Abstracts, Important Information and Updates

Posted 10 months ago by Ashley Blackmon

Check out several important updates:

Call for Abstracts!

Do you want to show off your amazing research and hard work at our up-coming conference? Be sure and check out the poster guidelines and send in your abstract by August 8th!  Don't forget to register for the conference coming up September 22-23 either. You don't want to miss it!

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UAPRN honors Dr. Lucy Marion in the GNLC Newsletter:


"I attended a Senate Committee meeting in September, 2017 where Dr. Marion gave testimony as to why Nurse Practitioners should have full practice authority in Georgia (currently, we are one of the most restricted states in the country). Her speech, passion, and dedication inspired me to run for office for UAPRN and become more involved in legislative advocacy. Over the past several years, she has continued to mentor me directly and indirectly. I wish we all had gotten more time with her, though her impact is great and immeasurable. I am truly grateful for the time and attention she gave to myself and all nurses across Georgia, the country, and the world."


The Georgia Nursing Leadership Coalition would like to dedicate the May 2023 Newsletter to Dr. Lucy Marion. Dr. Marion served on the GNLC steering committee, chairing the Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Task Force and the Data Advisory Committee. 

With over 50 years of experience in nursing, Dr. Lucy Marion was a pioneer in nursing, as well as a dedicated educator, researcher, and advocate who touched the lives of countless people throughout her career. Dr. Marion received her B.S.N. and M.N. from the University of South Carolina and her PhD from the University of Illinois in Chicago in 1990. She taught at the University of South Carolina from 1968 to 1993, and then moved back to the University of Illinois in Chicago to continue her career as a professor. In 2004, she went to Augusta, Georgia, to become the dean of the college of nursing at the Medical College of Georgia (now Augusta University), where she remained until her retirement in 2020.

At Augusta University, Dr. Marion led the creation of the Nurse Scientist Incubator for novice investigators, the first Doctorate of Nursing Practice and Clinical Nurse Leader Programs in Georgia, a three-year BSN program, and the first APRN nurse-managed clinic on campus. She also founded the Greater Augusta HealthCare Network to expand primary care for vulnerable people and continued NIH-funded behavior change research to prevent diabetes among African American church parishioners. Dr. Marion received numerous national honors for her work prioritizing advocacy for access to quality, affordable health care for all and was published frequently throughout her career, including co-authorship of the book Contemporary Pediatric Nursing: A Conceptual Approach.

Dr. Marion was president of the South Carolina Nurses Association from 1982 to 1986 and was inducted into the Georgia Nursing Hall of Fame in 2022.

Dr. Marion was a beloved wife, mother, grandmother, sister, colleague, mentor, teacher, aunt, and friend. She loved traveling and made it her mission to give each grandchild a special trip: China, Alaska, a Disney Cruise, and Puerto Rico. She also always made time for music, dancing, and laughing with her family. Her unique blend of talent, vision, and empathy was matched by a prodigious work ethic, which she channeled in the service of others, especially those who were most vulnerable.

Dr. Marion will be deeply missed by all who knew her, but her legacy will live on through them. 

In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to the Lucy Edythe White Marion Scholarship at Augusta University.



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