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Membership has its benefits.

Benefits of Membership

Pride in the knowledge that you are part of an organization striving to provide equitable healthcare for all Georgians. An opportunity to network with peers and share information and ideas pertinent to our organization.

Networking, career and education opportunities include:

  • Free dinner meetings with your local chapter with CE offerings
  • UAPRN Regional Conferences with discount for current members
  • Access to state sponsored quarterly meetings
  • Access to Members Only Section of website with a membership directory and inclusion in listserv announcements
  • Access to job postings in Members Only Sections
  • Strength in Numbers – Membership gives UAPRN a more powerful collective voice in Georgia
  • Representation – Paid professional lobbyist to promote legislation that improves practice in Georgia for UAPRNS
  • Legislative and Regulation Updates will keep you current on issues that may affect your practice

The United Advanced Practice Registered Nurses of Georgia uses an external website to handle user memberships.

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