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Posted almost 4 years ago by James F. Lawrence

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Dear Everyone,

Here is our fall 2015 newsletter. Please enjoy the many, many hours devoted to putting this together by Dr. Nelson and myself.

A few weeks ago on the state-wide conference call, I asked those on the call what they thought of the new, modern look that Michelle and I had brought to the newsletter. There were crickets being heard over the silence. So, I will ask those individuals reading this newsletter what do you think of the look? Is the newsletter providing you with the information you desire? Is there another direction you would like to see the newsletter move toward?

The entire purpose of this newsletter was begun during the first quarter of my state presidency with the objective being to have another avenue of communication via the state to the local chapters and the chapters to other chapters. My other objective was to bring a sense of professionalism to our organization as well as to legitimize our organization. It still amazes me that non-members from other states provide me with some great input. Thus, this newsletter is far from being constrained to the borders of only Georgia. Having never served as editor of a newsletter, I took on this responsibility as your state president.

However, in the past I have not received any feedback (and I do mean no feedback) from anyone in UAPRN about the newsletter. So at this printing and now with Dr. Nelson's efforts, it now takes only about 25 hours of invested labor to put this together instead of the 40 hours when I was doing it alone.

If I continue to receive no feedback (good or bad) from our members on the newsletter, I will be reduced to considering terminating the newsletter. Thus, this may be our last publication. Its a lot of time, energy, and effort invested on my part on a project that I am thinking does not matter to our members at all.  Your comments are welcomed.

James F. Lawrence, Ph.D. APRN BC CPS CHPN FAANP

State UAPRN President




Amelia Malcom over 3 years ago

Sorry to post so late but thank you so much for all of your hard work and dedication to putting out this newsletter. I certainly appreciate your efforts and have really enjoyed reading it.

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