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Coalition of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (CAPRN ) Update

Posted almost 3 years ago by Tiney Ray

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Good afternoon members: I had the pleasure of attending the Coalition of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (CAPRN) yesterday 8/1/15. Let me share some of the wonderful things CAPRN has done for our profession:

  • Now representing 21 APRN organizations representing

  • Website development with regular updates to organizations and individual subscribers

  • Transparent and participatory development of annual legislative agendas

  • Frequent legislative updates with decisions on introduced legislation made by consensus and agreement of all APRN disciplines.

  • In 2011, passed signature authority bill for all APRN's accepting only death certificates and determining percentage of disability for workman's compensation.

  • Passed bill to remove restrictions to APRN ordering of MRI and CT scan in the Senate x 2.

  • Created coalition that included 7 non nursing groups.

  • Successful year-long effort to modify proposed Board of Medicine (BOM) regulations that would have restricted APRN's ability to provide tele health services. Efforts include; providing testimony to the BOM x 3 and comment letters.

  • Testified at the Board of Pharmacy" issue of APRN prescribers not being placed on containers of medication dispensed by pharmacists (issue subsequently rectified by pharmacy act amendment in 2015 legislative session.)

  • Outreach and regular participation with other provider and non-provider health advocacy groups

  • Collaboration and technical assistance with Georgia Watch APRN policy paper recommending full practice authority for APRN's in Georgia.

  • Presentations at local regional and state meetings focused on statues and regulations affecting APRN practice. Legislative progress and grassroots advocacy for APRN's ( Atlanta, Savannah, Valdosta, Blue Ridge, Marietta, Gwinnett County, Canton. Multiple universities: Emory, Mercer, Georgia State, and Valdosta University

Like CAPRN on Facebook and follow on Twitter Please go to to check the latest legislative updates affecting our practice.

CAPRN needs our support. This volunteer organization is fighting to remove barriers, so that Georgian Advanced Practice Registered Nurses can provide our patients with the best possible and without the fragmentation and delay. Please join me in donating money to CAPRN. No amount is too small. Go to the CAPRN website and click on Support CAPRN in the top right hand corner of their web page.