United Advanced Practice Registered Nurses of Georgia

August is an Important Month !!!

Posted about 4 years ago by James F. Lawrence

Members and Followers of UAPRN!!

Please be aware that as members of Congress use the remainder of July to plan out their busy August district work period, they will be using a significant portion of this time to take the pulse of the constituents  with whom they represent and the issues that are important to them. By meeting with our representatives whom we put into office to represent our opinions, we have the opportunity to influence policy and the future of our practice.

Whether your elected official is holding a Meet & Greet, Townhall, eTownhall, or similar in-district opportunity, please know that I support your efforts. If you are able to have an appointment with your federal Congressman or Senator,  I want to know about it. If you would like me to accompany you to their office in meeting them, please contact me and I would be glad to do so. Never believe that you are alone in expressing your opiinions or your desires in meeting with your state or federal representatives. This is why you have an executive board and it is part of our responsibility in offering you support and collaboration in this area of APRN advocacy.

My answer to prayer would be to receive more invitations to accompany you all than I could manage and solicit assistance from other boaard members in our collaboration to meet with our elected officials. What a blessing that would be !!

I have contacted my U.S Senator and Reepresentative's Georgia office requesting an appointment time to meet with them while they are home from Washington. Have you ??

James F. Lawrence, Ph.D. APRN BC CPS CHPN FAANP
State UAPRN President