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Board of Medicine Telemedicine Proposed Rule--Second Draft

Posted over 6 years ago by Laura Searcy

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Please read and share with your colleagues.

Statement of the issue:

The Georgia Composite Medical Board initially proposed regulations concerning telemedicine in August of 2012. These regulations represented a restriction of the scope of practice of APRN's and added significant barriers for patients who would receive care via telemedicine. After reviewing comments from multiple disciplines, the original proposal was pulled for further work.

Attached to this announcement is the new draft of this proposed rule from the Composite Medical Board. It still contains restrictions to APRN practice that do not currently exist and which are not consistent with current law

The pertinent areas of the proposed rule are found beginning about half way through the document under the heading 360-3.07 Practice through Electronics and Other Such Means

Action Needed: 
  1. Please respond to LSearcy@caprn.org as to how implementation of this rule would affect patient access to care.
  2. Please, as either an individual or an organization, submit a comment about the effects of this rule on patient care by the deadline of October 26, and have your physician colleagues do the same. Comments can be directed to Carol Dorsey, Georgia Composite Medical Board, 2 Peachtree Street N.W. 36th Floor, Atlanta GA 30303-3464
  3. Please forward this to your colleagues
  4. or may be received by the Board by e-mail at cdorsey@dch.ga.gov
  5. Please help identify physicians/ other organizations who are opposed to this rule and would be willing to comment in support of APRN's and send their contact information to LSearcy@caprn.org
  6. Please also respond if you are able and willing to provide testimony about this proposed rule at the November 1 meeting of the Composite Medical Board in Atlanta

Thank you for your attention and response to this matter

Laura Searcy
Legislative Liaison


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