United Advanced Practice Registered Nurses of Georgia

Attention All Members !!!

Posted almost 5 years ago by James F. Lawrence

Hello UAPRN membership,

Just a reminder about our upcoming state election, which is expected to be held from October 16th to October 30th. We currently have candidates for President, Vice President, Secretary, and Member-at-large, but we are still seeking a candidate for the treasurer position. The final date we can sign up new candidates will be on September 15th, as per our bylaws we post the names on our website for 30 days prior to the election.

Regarding the position for our Treasurer, I have been assured that this position has been thoroughly looked over, and the management of this position has been greatly refined. With our new membership system, everything for payment of dues is very easy for someone to take over, and we only make quarterly payments to the chapters. Debi has done an awesome job in setting up a system for payments, and there are very few checks written beside the dues checks. The time comittment for this position is 5 to 6 hours a month only.

Please consider running for office, as we cannot have an effective UAPRN without our leadership team. UAPRN is a vital force in the state of Georgia for protecting your professional rights and continuing to advance your nursing practice. If I am re-elected as your state president, I will mentor and assist the new state officers as much as they will allow me too.

I can promise you this. Within the first quarter of the new year, all state officers will have participated in a leadership development course. This course will allow the new state officer to acclimate to his/her new senior nurse leader role as well as adjust his/her responsibilities. I will continue to guide and mentor the new state officers in serving in their new role. We welcome all interested nominees, no experience necessary. The only requirement is a professional comittment and desire to better improve yourself as an APRN.                                                                                              

Please contact Cindy Rinehart with your questions and/or interest, at 404-414-9822 or at her email crinehart@chamberlain.edu by September 14th, 2014.

James F. Lawrence, Ph.D. APRN BC CPS CHPN FAANP

State UAPRN President