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Georgia Composite Medical Board Proposed Rule re Telemedicine

Posted over 7 years ago by Laura Searcy

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Please note the attached proposed Rule by the Georgia Composite Medical Board, particularly sections "e" ad "f". Feedback is needed, especially from APRN's in nurse managed practices and in rural and underserved areas. Formal comments will be drafted by the nursing organizations.  Your feedback is needed as to how this proposd rule would affect your practice and impact patient access to care. Please either post your response at the end of this announcement, or email to Laura Searcy at laurafsearcy@gmail.com


Denise Tennison-Stemp over 7 years ago

Hello My NP collegues. I would like to share with you, that in Miss. In 2000, I was one of the first NP's to be trained In tele-emergency med. I was the first to go live in that stat. I had to go to a 135 extra hours training to be able to do that. Working in the ER in rual America is not easy. If this set up is like Miss. There was no doctor around. In Miss. we have a much more powerful lobby than Georgia. They recognized the position of the NP. I would not recommend any NP to go into that arena, unless you have been in trauma for several years and have special training for chest tube placement, femoral artery line place, intubation, xray interpretation, CT understanding, comprehension of admission and discharge. Rounds in the hospital. When I was doing that, I worked 66 hours on from 7pm on Friday until 7am on Monday, I slept there, ate there, showered there. I do not know how it is to be planned to run here. Just thinking, if you are a new grad, this would not be the place for you to be, It is a hard job and sometimes gets wild. It takes a seasoned NP to do this type of work. A NP who decides to go this route will need extra training. Good luck. I am glad to see that Father Time is finally waking up in this state. We are so far behind the other states. I long to move back. We had more freedom and more respect. Oh and the pay was 70.00 an hour then.

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