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Legislative Action Request for July

Posted almost 7 years ago by Laura Searcy

Legislative Action Request for July

The July 31 primary is rapidly approaching. The entire membership of the Georgia State House of Representatives and State Senate will be elected.  Some seats will be decided in the July 31 Primary, since many candidates will not have an opponent in the opposing them from the other political party in the November Election It is critical to be involved in the selection of those who will be representing you  in the Georgia General Assembly beginning in January. Now is the perfect time to contact them and/or their campaigns (mail, phone, email, attend a local event, etc.) and tell them who you are, what an APRN is and our potential to drastically improve access and quality of care in Georgia

To identify your current State Representative and Senator, click on the link:  www.votesmart.org.   Start by entering your zip code on the top right. In most of the metro area one will then have to enter the extra 4 digits of the zip code or you full address. That will take you to a page which will identify all the types of elected officials who represent. Select State Legislature and your Rep. and Senator will be listed.

All candidates running for  for State House and Senate seats are found on the Georgia Secretary of State's  web site at http://qual.sos.state.ga.us/qualifyingindex.asp The third button down says "General Assembly" in red. Select State House or State Senate.

The list of current members of the General Assembly with links to individual members contact information is
http://www.house.ga.gov/Representatives/en-US/HouseMembersList.aspx  for the State House of Representatives and
http://www.senate.ga.gov/senators/en-US/SenateMembersList.aspx  for the State Senate.

The list of Senators who voted for and against SB 386 this past session are found at:

Please, our chances of moving Georgia forward and eliminating barriers to access to our patients to quality, cost-effective care depend on You participating in the process. To quote a colleague: "We need a huge movement to make the needed changes".
Be a part of it!

Questions?? Contact Laura Searcy at  LSearcy@caprn.org


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