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Time Critical Legislative Update

Posted almost 7 years ago by Laura Searcy

The legislature reconvened today for day 34.  SB 386 is assigned to the House Health and Human Services Committee, but has not yet been scheduled to be heard in committee. As time left in this legislative session is very short, intense grassroots activity is necessary to get the bill acted on in committee and moved out for a vote. It is critical that the following occur over the next three days.  Every individual effort is important. Please take the time to respond.

Two actions are necessary

1)      Please contact the members of the House Health and Human Services Committee, especially Chairman Sharon Cooper. Let them know how passage of this bill will improve your ability to care for patients, improve quality, reduce unnecessary cost, duplication of services, etc. If you are a constituent, please identify yourself as such. If you have any relationship with Chairman Cooper of Vice-chairman Rynders, please let me know. The contact information for the committee is found in the link below:


2)      Please contact your local House of Representatives member and ask them to support SB 386 and why. If you do not know who your Representative is, you can find this out by going to www.votesmart.org  Links to contact information for all of the House of Representatives members is found at:


Again, I can’t emphasize enough the impact that your efforts in contacting your elected representatives has.

Let’s all work together and get this bill through!