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Talking Points SB 386

Posted about 7 years ago by Laura Searcy

Talking Points Senate Bill 386 

Senate Bill 386 revises provisions of Code Section 43-34-25 relating to the delegation of authority to order radiographic imaging tests by removing the phrase “life threatening situations” as a limiting factor. 

Georgia is the only State with this statutory restriction that prevents Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN’s) from ordering radiological imaging scans such as MRI’s and CT scans unless there is a” life threatening situation” 

There is no evidence to support the need for this singular restriction. 

This restriction only applies to APRN’s and not to PA’s who can order these diagnostic tests 

APRN’s could order radiologic imaging scans without the “life threatening situation” restriction, and did so, under the older protocol law, but lost this authority when the prescriptive authority bill was passed 

APRN’s often practice at a site with only intermittent physician presence 

Physician should have the option to delegate the ordering of these diagnostic tests under the Nurse Protocol Agreement as all other diagnostic tests and delegated medical acts 

Patient care is compromised by delays in diagnosis and treatment; increasedtime until relief of symptoms; increased cost and unnecessary inconveniencedue to duplicate visits or excessive wait time 

Low income patients and patients from rural areas are disproportionately affected by this restriction 

There is widespread confusion over which diagnostic tests are covered by the “life threatening situation restriction” leading to refusal to honor orders forother diagnostic studies such as x-rays and ultrasounds that Advanced PracticeRegistered Nurses are clearly authorized by law to order 

Intent of prescriptive authority legislation was for results of all radiological exams to go to the MD as well as the ordering APRN, however results go only to the physician as the APRN is not identified on the order 

There is increased liability for physician and NP due to delay in diagnosis and treatment 

Waste of scarce resources due to more than one provider and or facility providers being involved unnecessarily for routine orders 

Increased in unreimbursed care as duplicate visits for the same diagnosis on the same day are not reimbursed by third party payers Please support SB 386 and remove this unnecessary barrier to delivering the highest quality and cost effective care to Georgia’s citizens. 


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