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Legislative Update February 27 Great news and 2 important "asks"

Posted about 8 years ago by Laura Searcy

Legislative Update: February 27, 2012

More Good News—2 more important asks

THANK YOU to all who have written, faxed, called. Your efforts are paying off.

Senate Bill 386 which removes the “life threatening situations” restriction for APRN ordering of MRI, CT Nuclear Medicine scans etc., passed the Senate Health and Human services committee by a vote of 15-1, Senator Judson Hill of Cobb County the lone ‘Nay’ vote.

Thanks are due to all the members of that committee who supported us.

Two things need to happen quickly:

  1. The Senate Rules Committee must put it on the calendar for a vote by the full Senate
  2. The Senate must vote favorably on the bill by day 30 (cross-over day) of the legislative session (currently scheduled for Wednesday, March 3) in order for it to be sent on to the Georgia House of Representatives for action before the end of this session.

What is needed:

  1. Contact members of the rules committee and ask them to please put SB 386 on the calendar for a vote before cross-over day. Click Here for committee contact information
  2. Contact your Senator and ask them to “vote yes” on SB 386 with a brief sentence or two why this would improve care for patients. (See talking points at the end of this message). In case you do not know who your state senator is, go to www.votesmart.org, enter your zip code and then click on the “state legislative “link. You will see a picture and contact information for your state House of Representative member and state Senator. At this time the Senator is the one to be contacted.

A few minutes of time from many of us is needed for success. You can be sure that the Medical Association is already busy. They have more money and the ability to generate mass communications, but APRN’s are 7,000 strong. And personal messages from constituents and citizens trump slick PR every time. Please support your profession and be a voice for your patients and take a few minutes to participate in this effort, even if you have not done so before. And thanks again for the response so far. It works!


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