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To all South Coastal Georgia UAPRN Members

Posted about 8 years ago by Laura Searcy

A hearing on SB 386 to remove the "life threatening situation" restriction to APRN ordering of imaging scans such as MRI's and CT scans will be tomorrow in the morning.  SenWilliam Ligon is the chair of the subcommittee and has only the background about APRN's that I have been able to give him in brief moments this session.  He covers the following counties:

Brantley, Camden Charlton, Glynn McIntosh His contact information isr is :
 william.ligon@senate .gov

I am asking that APRN's call the office, identify themselves as APRN's from his district and ask him to support SB 386. His administrative assistant will answer during the day and report the calls to him.  Phone messages can be left even after hours that simply say. " I am an Advanced Practice Nurse who lives in your district and I urge you to support SB 386" . E-mails can be that brief as well and put "Please vote yes and support SB 386 in the subject line.  This is critical.  The Georgia Southern and Coastal Georgia community can have great influence in getting this bill moved on in the process. Please use your contacts to generate as much contact to Senator Ligon as possible between now and tomorrow

Thank you for your participation, your letters are having an impact. Keep it up!


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