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Are you interested in earning some extra money while making a difference in the lives of Older Adults?

Posted about 5 years ago by James F. Lawrence

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This week, I came across this great healthcare provder of sevices to the aging. I was so impressed with their flyer that I had to contact them to seek further information. As a result, I spoke to Suzanne from NPhealthresouces about her company.

As most of you know I possess a love and life-long comittment to the aging community. If you are interested in making a direct impact upon one of our state's most vulnerable populations as well as earning some additional money in the process, please contact Ms. Cathleen Delaney at 214-288-9887  or email her at cdelaney@nphealthresources.com so that she can explain how you may accomplsh both of these goals.,

Also check out the company's webpage at www.nphealthresources.com and/or open the adjoining attachment to learn more about their services.

James F. Lawrence, Ph.D. APRN BC FAANP CPS

State UAPRN President