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Legislative Action Alert--Act now to restore state funding to school nurses

Posted over 5 years ago by Laura Searcy

CAPRN News Alert

The State Senate has made a change to the state budget passed by the House and decreased funding for School Nurses by about $2 million.
(Budget history: The Governor and the House both wanted an additional $1,309,490 for school nurses to increase base salaries, but the Senate not only eliminated the increase but also reduced the state allocation by $728,059.)

School nurses are vital to the health of Georgia's school children. School districts across Georgia are facing significant budget deficits and will have to come up with additional local dollars to maintain school nurses at current levels.

Please call the offices of Senator Jack Hill and Representative Terry England (below) with the following message as immediately as possible

"Hi – My name is _____________ and I am asking you to please restore the Governor's request for funding of school nurses. School nurses help decrease student days missed due to asthma (the leading cause of school absenteeism), manage students with chronic conditions such as diabetes and seizures, treat accidents and injuries, and counsel students about physical and emotional issues. They are vital to the success of our schools and our children. Thank you for your consideration and for all you do for Georgia."

CONTACT: Senator Jack Hill - Call (404)-656-5038
Representative Terry England - Call (404)-463-2247




Dana Hickman over 5 years ago

I just saw this- and called both just now... thanks Laura!

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