United Advanced Practice Registered Nurses of Georgia

A Call for Your Participation !

Posted almost 6 years ago by James F. Lawrence

                                  A Call for Your Involvement


Is there a UAPRN member who has been involved with our organization for at least 2 years who would be interested in serving on the UAPRN Scholarship Selection Committee?

I am seeking assistance in reviewing the applications and selecting the best candidate from among the applications received for the 2014 UAPRN Student Scholarship. The involvement would include two to three conference calls and review of the applications. Time requirement should be no more than 8-10 hours total!

I will need 5 members to serve on this committee. Anyone interested please send me an email at jflaprn@gmail.com along with any related work that you may have done in serving on a committee no later than March  14, 2014.


Dr. James F. Lawrence

State UAPRN President