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Kansas NPs seeking independence

Posted almost 5 years ago by Debi Gass

Good morning!  Did you see this in the recent AANP Smartbrief?  Let's support Kansas in getting this pushed through!

Kansas nurses face opposition in push for more independence from physicians

Josh HeckReporter- Wichita Business JournalEmail

The Kansas Senate Ways and Means Committee is discussing a bill that would allow advanced practice registered nurses more freedom to perform medical services without the direct supervision of a physician.

The issue is generally referred to as defining the scope of practice.

Senate Bill 326aims to allow APRNs to prescribe drugs without the requirement of a collaborative agreement with a physician. If passed, the bill would also allow APRNs to execute a health care plan for patients, provide counseling, serve as a primary care provider and lead a health care team.

Kansas nurses would still be required to spend 2,000 hours — about one year — under the supervision of a physician before being allowed to transition to their own practice.

ARPNs would, however, be required to carry medical malpractice insurance at their own expense.

Supporters say APRNs are already providing many of these services under the supervision of a physician, and reducing the restrictions could actually help to alleviate doctor shortages, as this Kansas Health Institute storypoints out.

But the bill is already facing opposition, from The Kansas Medical Society and the Medical Society of Sedgwick County.

Last week, I reported on the scope of practice being one of the Medical Society of Sedgwick County's four most pressing issues of 2014.

Similar measures have been floated in years past without success.

Will this be the year the measure passes?

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