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Legislative Update February 14, 2014

Posted about 5 years ago by Laura Searcy

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Sorry for the delay in posting--Internet out due to winter weather. Please see the attached for the complete update.

January 10 marked day 20, the mid-point of the legislative session. This is the last day that any revenue bills can be introduced. There are only 10 more days until "cross-over day" when a bill must have passed either the Senate or the House in order to "cross-over" and be considered by the other body to have a chance to pass and move on to the Governor to be signed into law. All committees and sub-committees are seeing an increased work-load of bills to hear, playing catch-up from the days missed during the prior winter storm and anticipating the interruption of work due to the expected winter storm this week. CAPRN continues educate legislators about the unused potential of APRNs to address the worsening provider shortage in Georgia and to improve the poor health status of many Georgian's....


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