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Legislative Update Week 2 -January 28, 2014

Posted about 5 years ago by Laura Searcy

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Legislative Update Week 2

January 28, 2014

  1. HB 830: This bill creates a definition of surgery and "restates" the health professionals who are authorized to perform surgery. A link to the bill follows. Advocacy ask of the week: Please look at this bill carefully and report effects on current practice to lsearcy@caprn.org. It is important to note that the intent of the bill is NOT to restrict current practice, but amendments to the current language will be necessary to achieve this intent. Feedback is needed by noon on Friday, January 31.

  2. SB 94: Efforts to educate legislators about SB 94 and the positive benefits for patients and the health care system that passing this bill would achieve continue. The House Health and Human Services Committee which currently has jurisdiction over the bill has only met once and considered one bill (to create a licensing board for lactation consultants, that was tabled for more study). Please have all your members and contacts continue to engage your local house of representatives member on this bill and please report results of these contacts to lsearcy@caprn.org

  3. SB 211: Sources suggest that this bill whose purpose is to: "provide a definition for the term "psychological testing"; to clarify that persons licensed as professional counselors, social workers, and marriage and family therapists are not authorized to conduct psychological testing as defined; to clarify that psychological testing is part of the practice of psychology" may soon move in the Senate Health and Human Services Committee. APRNs and especially Psych-Mental health CNS's will need to monitor likely amendments to this bill carefully. CAPRN will continue to supply updates as this bill progresses.

  4. SB 141 Tort Reform: This legislation would transform the current litigation system of handling medical malpractice claims to a workers compensation board type of mediation system. Efforts to advance this bill have stalled and it is unlikely to progress the remainder of this legislative session. Both the Governor and the Speaker of the House have both publicly voiced serious concerns with the bill, despite recent amendments. Still, this is a subject that legislators are interested in, but not likely to consider further until next year at the earliest. CAPRN has already addressed sections of the draft that were incorrect as to APRNs and will continue to monitor this concept and the legislation to enact it.

  5. AMA supported "Truth in Advertising" legislation: The Medical Association of Georgia is championing a bill as part of the efforts of the AMA to pass "Truth in Advertising" legislation in as many states as possible. An initial draft of this legislation which has not been formally dropped was met with nearly universal opposition from the allied health community. CAPRN will monitor this issue carefully and keep you informed. New legislative language and perhaps a bill number is expected shortly. See the following link for an AANP brief on this issue:

The AMA's "Truth in Advertising Campaign"

Please continue efforts to contact your state elected officials and share your concerns about patient access to quality, cost effective care in Georgia.

Laura Searcy MN, APRN, PNP-BC
Policy Director and Legislative Liaison
Coalition of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses
lsearcy@caprn.org 678-886-4503


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