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Veterans Health Administration (VHA) – We Need Your Voice

Posted about 6 years ago by Laura Searcy

Please participate in the poll mentioned below andcontact  your members of Congress.  This request came from the American Association of Nurse Practitioners

Veterans Health Administration (VHA) – We Need Your Voice
AANP continues to work with other members of the APRN community to ensure that Members of Congress and the media understand the benefits that veterans receiving care in the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) would receive if APRNs practiced to their full scope in all facilities throughout the system.  AANP not only encourages you to continue to write your Members of Congress to ask them to support this important policy, but there is also an article in US Medicine describing the policy change which asks readers to vote in a poll on whether they agree with APRNs practicing to their full scope throughout the VHA system.  We encourage everyone to go to the article and vote in the poll today.

Submitted by Laura Searcy


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