United Advanced Practice Registered Nurses of Georgia


Posted about 5 years ago by James F. Lawrence

To all UAPRN Chapter Officers!!!

I hate to be a pest about this but I requested that all UAPRN Chapters contact us, specifically Dr. Michelle Nelson our new state Secretary no later than January 10, 2014 (mnelson18@gsu.edu) with contact information on your chapter, its officers for 2014, and a few words about your chapter regarding purpose statement, possibly ideas of your chapter for 2014 etc, as CLEARLY OUTLINED in the new 2014 UAPRN Bylaws, Article Seven Section Three. These are the rules of the game that must be followed without exception as you all voted them into use!

Debi Gas, my state Treasurer, has thousands of dollars in quarterly membership dues owed to respective UAPRN chapters but has no idea where to mail the checks to since many chapters have new officers and we are in the dark of who you are. I do not believe in keeping funds that do not belong to the state account as I have clearly demonstrated this by correcting the debt that was owed to the chapters in 2013. However, unless we hear back from these chapters, I have instructed Debi and Michelle to hold these funds until further notice from me, and await these chapters communications with them.

Please, let's work together in getting off to a healthy, productive, new year with no monies owed to any chapters due to ineffective and poor communication!!

Dr. James Lawrence

State UAPRN President