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Legislative Action Alert—HB 303 11:30PM April 11, 2011--Good News

Posted about 8 years ago by Laura Searcy

Legislative Action Alert—HB 303 11:30PM April 11, 2011

Late Breaking Good News! HB 303 was placed on the the Senate Calendar for a vote just a few minutes ago.  The Senate Rules Committee met tonight after the adjournment of a long and grueling session of the Senate that went well into the evening hours. Your calls and contacts have made a difference as our lobbyist was told by a number of the Rules Committee members that they were hearing about this bill.

There is a long calendar of bills to consider, but HB 303 should be voted on by the full Senate sometime tomorrow, Day 39. Please take a few moments out of your busy day to e-mail and/or call your own State Senator as early as possible April 12.  Put “Vote Yes for HB 303” in the subject line as full e-mails probably won’t get read due to the volume of bills in play.

I will be in touch as soon as I hear news of the vote. 

Thanks again for all of the grassroots efforts.

Laura Searcy