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Legislative Action Alert - Action needed evening March 30 and March 31

Posted almost 9 years ago by Laura Searcy


House Bill 303 received a “Do Pass” recommendation this afternoon by the Senate Health and Human Services Committee. Please thank the committee members for their support. Especially Senator Nan Orrock, who made the motion, Senator Horacena Tate who seconded it, and Senator William T. Ligon who will carry the bill on the Senate floor

Quick action is needed for the next hurdle: The Senate Rules Committee must hear the bill and schedule it for a vote by the full Senate. They are meeting at 4 PM tomorrow. Please contact them (message at their offices and/or e-mail) TONIGHT AND TOMORROW BEFORE 4 PM and ask them to place HB 303 on the calendar for a vote by the Senate on Friday April 1.

After that, there are only 2 days left of this session for the bill to be acted on. The General Assembly will be in recess next week and convene for day 39 on Tuesday, April 12 and the final day 40 on Thursday, April 14.

Balfour, Don               Chairman                    Phone: (404) 656-0095

Hamrick, Bill               Vice Chairman             Phone: (404) 656-0036

Mullis, Jeff                   Secretary                   Phone: (404) 656-0057 

Bulloch, John               Member                      Phone: (404) 656-0040             

Butler, Gloria S.          Member                      Phone: (404) 656-0075

Henson, Steve             Member                     Phone: (404) 656-0085

Hill, Jack                      Member                     Phone: (404) 656-5038              

Hooks, George            Member                      Phone: (404) 656-0065

Rogers, Chip                Member                      Phone: (404) 463-1378             

Seabaugh, Mitch         Member                      Phone: (404) 656-6446             

Shafer, David              Member                      Phone: (404) 656-0048

Tolleson, Ross             Member                      Phone: (404) 656-0081                  

Unterman, Renee S     Member                      Phone: (404) 463-1368

Williams, Tommie        Member                      Phone: (404) 656-0089

Cowsert, Bill               Ex-Officio                  Phone: (404) 463-1383

Goggans, Greg            Ex-Officio                  Phone: (404) 463-5263

Staton, Cecil                Ex-Officio                  Phone: (404) 656-5039

The Rules Committee establishes the rules for the orderly procedure and placement of bills on the legislative calendar.

Senate Health and Human Services Committee

Unterman, Renee S Chairman                        Hill, Judson Member

Carter, Buddy Vice Chairman                        Jackson, Lester G. Member

Ligon, Jr., William T. Member                        Williams, Tommie Member

Millar, Fran Member                                      Shafer, David Ex-Officio

Orrock, Nan Member                                     Goggans, Greg Secretary

Tate, Horacena Member                                 Balfour, Don Member

Grant, Johnny                                                Henson, Steve Member