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Legislative Update: HB 303 passes the Georgia House of Representatives and moves on to the State Senate

Posted about 8 years ago by Laura Searcy

Good news! Shortly after 2PM this afternoon on day 29 of the 40 day session of the Georgia General Assembly, HB 303 passed the Georgia House of Representatives with a vote of 162 aye and 3 nay. This bill will now be transmitted to the State Senate for consideration and eventual vote before the end of this session. 

Acton needed: Please contact your Georgia State Senator , identify yourself as a constituent and an advanced practice nurse and ask them to vote "yes" for HB 303 (It will not change number or designation)

Remember that this bill authorizes, through the agreement between the MD and APRN, the signing of forms by the APRN within our scope of practice (Sport's Physicals, DMV handicapped forms, pre-employment physicals, etc), an simplifies the procedures documenting the dispensing of medication samples. A "small step in some ways, but a "giant leap" in the consensus reached between parties that have historically never been able to agree on legislative initiatives.

Thank you all for your efforts in contacting your legislators. Even one or two communications to a member of the general assembly has significance. An example from today: I had a moment to interact with a senior member of my county legislative delegation. He said: I am supporting the bill and I even got a letter from a constituent this time.  Imagine if we could generate 5-10 letters to every State Senator. YOU can make it happen.  www.votesmart.com will give you all the contact information you need.]

Thank you again for your efforts in gaining this victory

Laura Searcy

Heath Policy Director

UAPRN of Georgia




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