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Legislative Update and good news!

Posted over 8 years ago by Laura Searcy

Great News! 

Yesterday House Bill 303 received a unanimous "Do Pass" from Rep. Sharon Cooper's HHS committee. This bill includes the following language related to the APRN's ability to sign the forms for the work we do:

 Except for death certificates and assigning the percentage of a disability rating , an advanced practice registered nurse may be delegated the authority to sign, certify, and endorse all documents relating to health care provided to a patient within his or her scope of authorized practice, including, but not limited to, documents relating to physical examination forms of all state agencies and verification and evaluation forms of the Department of Human Services, the State Board of Education, local boards of education, the Department of Community Health, and the Department of Corrections.”

It also modifies documentation requirements for dispensing samples in the office as follows:

An advanced practice registered nurse may be authorized under a nurse protocol agreement to request, receive, and sign for professional samples and may distribute professional samples to patients. The office or facility at which the advanced practice registered nurse is working shall maintain a general list of the professional samples approved by the delegating physician for request, receipt, and distribution by the advanced practice registered nurse as well as a complete list of the specific number and dosage of each professional sample and medication voucher received and dispensed. Professional samples that are distributed by an advanced practice registered nurse shall be so noted in the patient’s medical record. In addition to the requirements of this Code section, all professional samples shall be maintained as required by applicable state and federal laws and regulations.”

Representative Shaw, Jason signed on as a co-sponsor to this bill as the bill he sponsored to add APRN's as providers authorized to perform physicals for peace officers (HB 327) is covered by the language of HB 303. Please contact Rep. Shaw and let him know how much the APRN community appreciates his support and thanks to to Valdosta area APRN's for their great advocacy work in generating support for Rep Shaw's bill.

Passage of this bill required compromise and agreement between the APRN's, PA's, Medical Association of Georgia and the trial lawyers. While a baby step toward removing unnecessary barriers to APRN practice in Goergia, the ability to achieve agreement from all the involved parties noted above is a landmark in the history of APRN legislation in Georgia.

Next steps:

  1. Please contact Rep Cooper and the members of the House Health and Human Services Committee and thank them for their support. Rep Cooper sponsored the bill. The motion to "Do Pass" was made by Rep. Billy Mitchell and seconded by Rep. Mike Cheokas. The vote was unanimous. I f you are a constituent of any of these mebers, please identlify yourself as such.

2.  Please contact the Rules committee members below and ask them to place HB 303 on the calendar for a full House vote as soon as possible.  Again, if you are a constituent of any of these members, please identify yourself as such.


Chairmand John Meadows
 Vice Chairman  Rich Golick Secretary  James Mills

Ex-Officio Stacey Abrams
Ex-Officio Carolyn Hugley
Ex-OfficioJ an Jones
Ex-Officio Edward Lindsey
Ex-Officio Larry O'Neal
Ex-Officio Tim Bearden

Tommy Benton   David Casas Mickey Channell Sharon Cooper Katie Dempsey Karla Drenner Earl Ehrhart Gerald Greene Bob Hanner Bill Hembree Judy Manning Billy Mitchell Greg Morris Howard Mosby Butch Parrish Tom Rice J Jay Roberts Ed Setzler Donna Sheldon Lynn Smith Richard Smith Calvin Smyre Ron Stephens Len Walker Tom Weldon Wendel Willard

Stay tuned for further updates as we monitor the progress of this  bill. The link that follows explains in detail the process for this bill to become law for all interested: http://www.legis.ga.gov/Legislation/en-US/default.aspx

Laura Searcy, UAPRN Health Policy Director  Legislation@caprn.org