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Board of Medicine Tables Restrictive Telemedicine Rules

Posted almost 6 years ago by Laura Searcy

Board of Medicine Tables Restrictive Telemedicine Rules

The Board of Medicine received comments and held a hearing about proposed telemedicine regulations that were restrictive to the current practice of APRNs and the delegating authority of physicians.  Comments were submitted by the Coalition of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses and APRN’s were represented at the Hearing by Mary Jane Lewitt, CAPRN Chair, Bonnie Cohen Valdosta UAPRN Chapter President and State Representative of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners and Laura Searcy, CAPRN Legislative Liaison.  After the hearing, the Board voted unanimously to table the rules based on issues raised in numerous comments and testimony from both the Nursing community and various health and consumer organizations. This is a significant victory for APRN’s and Georgia’s citizens as we continue our work to move barriers to access to care and APRN practice in Georgia.

Thanks to all who engaged on this issue.


Identify and contact your local member of the Georgia state House of Representatives, provide them information about your education, training and practice, and offer to assist them with health related issues.

Submitted by:

Laura Searcy MN APRN PNP-BC

Policy Director
Legislative Liaison
Coalition of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses


Angela Herrington almost 6 years ago

Thank you, Laura, for your relentless effort and continuous hard work!

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