United Advanced Practice Registered Nurses of Georgia

Finally...Its here....UAPRN's first state newsletter !!

Posted almost 6 years ago by James F. Lawrence

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The first official state UAPRN newsletter has finally arrived!!  Please review it and give me some positive and negative feedback!  This is your newsletter and my whole purpose of creating this additional avenue of communication is to let the entire state know what is going on with UAPRN. Its a great first edition, however, I would really, really appreciate it if more people and chapters let me know what is taking place in your professional lives and in your chapters. There are some phenomenal clinicians and nursing leaders that are doing awesome things in their professional and personal lives.

Let us know about it.....brag on yourselves and your members. Chapter officers, this is the perfect opportunity to boast on some of the great things that your chapter is doing. Spread the news as we all want to hear about it !!

Articles, stories, and events are already being submited for the late summer/early fall newsletter. Its never to early to get this information in. PLEASE send it to me or one of the other officers !!


Cecile Martin almost 6 years ago

UAPRN of Georgia.....THANK YOU! This is an excellent format for our cause and purpose! I look forward to working together to bring great things to our patient's in the state of Georgia! Great job!

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