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URGENT Call to Action and Updates

Posted about 1 month ago by Ashley Blackmon

Good morning! HB 215 is going to be called up for a vote in the House at 1PM today (Thursday, 2/16). Please email your PERSONAL Representative and ask them to support this bill! A sample letter is listed below:

Sample letter, remember to update it / personalize it:
Good morning, Representative Bennett,

My name is Ashley Blackmon. I am your constituent and wrote to you earlier in the session about supporting nursing legislation. I wanted to let you know one of our bills that we support will be coming up for a vote today in the House. Please vote YES on HB 215 which is authored by Representative Alan Powell and is on the House Rules Calendar TODAY - Thursday, February 15. 
This bill again contains the same language as HB 430 which passed the House unanimously in 2022 by a vote of 182 to 0.   
This bill allows for the Georgia Board of Nursing to issue a license for APRNs in the state rather than an “authorization to practice."  
The bill also includes a section authorizing the DOR to add APRNs and PAs to their list of approved healthcare providers authorized to order disability parking permits.  This will decrease wait times for those who truly need this to function in their daily life. 
I do hope you will support this bill — please vote YES on HB 215!
Thank you for your consideration!
Let me know if you have any questions. 
All the best, 
Ashley Blackmon, MS, CHFN, CCRN, FNP-C 
State President of UAPRN 

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