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Urgent Help with Legislation Needed!

Posted about 2 months ago by Ashley Blackmon

Our APRN bills have been "dropped" and assigned to committee! Please see the entire message for further details!


Go to and find your House Representative and Senator. Write them to introduce yourself and let them know you will be in touch about nursing legislation!

Sample letter:

Hello, my name is ____, and I am a ___ Nurse Practitioner as well as your constituent. I am writing today to introduce myself and let you know that there will be healthcare legislation important to expanding access to healthcare in Georgia coming out this legislative session. I hope to be in touch when it comes time to vote for this legislation and discuss your support of nurses. I am happy to be a resource for you if you have any healthcare or nursing questions. Please feel free to reach out at _____. 
All the best,

TOMORROW (Monday, 2/13):

Health House Committee will be meeting.
Capitol Room 403, 2PM - 4PM
Reading and testimony will be heard on HB215 which will allow APRN licensure. This will change "authorization of RN to practice as APRN" using our existing license and give us a separate APRN license. 
Important because, "The APRN Model Act defines APRN practice and describes the APRN regulatory model. By adopting the model requirements your state can ensure uniformity in licensure, accreditation, certification, and education to facilitate the regulation of safe and competent advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) in every state."
Important to allow us to participate in APRN state compact licensure. 
Important to decrease role confusion. 
Important for gathering accurate workforce data. 
Among other reasons. 

Please wear your white coat and blue scarf (if you have one). Email with questions. 

Other important dates:
Georgia Commission on Women Champions for Change Day: 2/23/2023 from 1-3PM
The lobby in the Capitol building

West Georgia Education Conference, 3/4/23 from 7-5
Piedmont Columbus Conference Building

Georgia Nurses Association, Nurses Day at the Capitol: 3/16/2023 from 8am-12pm 
The Georgia Freight Depot, 65 MLK Jr Dr SW, Atlanta

UAPRN State Education Conference: Innovation in Medicine, Sept 21-23
Jekyll Island, GA