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Announcements: Save the Dates and Membership Information

Posted 3 months ago by Ashley Blackmon

Good evening, everyone!

Please note that our annual conference is going to be held at Jekyll Island on September 22-23rd, 2023! Our theme will be innovation for the future of healthcare! Be on the lookout for further details and registration. 

NP Week is November 13-19! There will be several exciting events and giveaways happening. Be on the look out so that you don't miss any opportunities!

There has been large community outcry against Atlanta Medical Center closing. Our president put out an open letter:
This is a horrible event, but will allow us an even bigger platform to be heard about lifting restrictions on advanced practice nursing. Please email with any questions. 

We have transitioned all membership back to ENP Network: If you are an active member and cannot find your membership then please email This way we can activate your account so that you have access to all the great benefits of membership! 

Remember that we have opportunities to publish in The Nurse Practitioner Journal, contribute to our social media channels, act in leadership roles at the chapter and state levels, and listen/contribute to our Podcast (Unity Talks ). Our opportunities are unlimited so join us today!