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##CALL TO ACTION## - Call Members of the HHS Committee to support HB430

Posted 10 months ago


We talked to Julianna this morning and Watson has said he is “not a fan of HB 430” so he is not planning to give the bill a hearing. We need to flood all Senate HHS members with phone calls, NO EMAILS ASAP, asking to give HB 430 a vote in the committee.

Please PHONE all members of the Senate HHS committee’s Atlanta office listed below and ask:

“My name is XXXXXX. I work at XXXXX and I am an Advanced Practice Nurse in Georgia (if in their district, say so). I am calling to leave a message for Senator XXXXX about House Bill 430- an APRN licensing bill.

I am asking that you allow this very important bill to be given a vote in your committee and that you vote yes when the bill is considered.

HB 430 received unanimous approval from GORRC during the summer and it will provide full recognition of the additional education and training of APRNs and help Georgia track the workforce patterns and supply of advanced practice providers working in our state.

Please grant HB 430 a hearing in the Senate HHS committee and vote yes when considered. Thank Senator XXX for his/her hard work on behalf of Georgia.”


List of Committee Members to Contact:

1. Ben Watson, Chairman (404) 656-7880 /
2. Dean Burke, Vice Chairman (404) 656-0040 /
3. Greg Dolezal, Secretary (404) 656-7127 /
4. Michelle Au, Member (404) 463-1562 /
5. Gloria Butler, Member (404) 463-1366 /
6. Bill Cowsert, Member (404) 463-1366 /
7. Sonya Halpern, Member (404) 463-1351 /
8. Bo Hatchett, Member (404) 656-7454 /
9. Chuck Hufstetler, Member (404) 656-0034 /
10. Lester Jackson, Member (404) 463-5261 /
11. John Kennedy, Member (478) 749-9981 /
12. Kay Kilpatrick, Member (404) 656-3932 /
13. Nan Orrock, Member (404) 463-8054 /
14. Larry Walker, III, Ex-Officio (404) 656-0095 /