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Looking for Research Participants!

Posted about 1 month ago

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From one of our members! (If you are a member and are involved in research then you can use our email blast as well for free!)

I am in the recruitment phase for my Ph.D. dissertation study on "Stroke-predictors for HTN self-management among middle-aged to older African Americans." As you know, the African American/Black population is disproportionally impacted by hypertension and stroke. My study will help us understand the factors needed to improve hypertension self-management among African Americans to prevent hypertension-related complications, particularly stroke.  
To participate in the study the participants need to be 45 years and older African American, have h/o HTN, and takes at least one medication. The survey can be taken online via Qualtrics or telephonic call. It may take around 15-30 minutes to complete the survey and participants will receive a $15 gift card for their participation.  
Kindly, please find the attached study flyer.


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