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Candid COVID Conversations - April 7th

Posted 3 months ago

The United Advanced Practice Registered Nurses in association with the Georgia Nurses Association brings to you a meeting and discussion lead by Dr. Amber Schmidtke.

Amber Schmidtke holds a Ph.D. in medical microbiology and immunology from Creighton University. She worked for 4.5 years at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, working in pertussis and food safety. Later she became an educator to undergraduates at Middle Georgia State University and most recently she was teaching infectious disease curriculum to first and second-year medical students at Mercer University School of Medicine. At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Schmidtke recognized there was a large gap between the way that scientists communicate and how non-scientists receive information. She has combined her roles as a public health microbiologist and college educator to provide meaningful analysis and explanation of disease trends to the public through a popular newsletter and podcast. She has become one of the most trusted voices in Georgia for analyzing and understanding the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result of these communication efforts, she was invited to serve as a member of the Georgia COVID-19 Data State Task Force, advising government agencies on how to package their complex data to meet the needs of the public. Her latest efforts have focused on overcoming challenges of COVID-19 vaccine access barriers and improving vaccine confidence, working with nonprofits, business leaders and state agency partners.

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