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Call to Action for HB 369!

Posted about 1 month ago

This announcement has 2 attachments:

CALL TO ACTION: Please see attachments included= Excel spreadsheet with Senate HHS committee emails & HB 369 infographic (please include infographic only in email & mention it in your email).
HB 369 passed the full House of Representatives, however it has now moved into the Senate HHS committee. We are requesting your support again, to please email all Senate HHS committee members to request for HB 369 to be called up to be heard and vote YES. 
  • The main section of the bill is to allow APRNs and PAs to write prescriptions for Schedule II in an emergency situation for a prescription amount not to exceed 5 days.  Also includes a section on allowing APRNs/PAs to authorize disability parking permits.
Do not write anything specific about the bill … the email - just ask them to support HB 369 - as noted below.
Please send this email (in your own words) as a blind copy to all the members of the Senate HHS Committee and send them the following message.  You can personalize  this message if possible. 
WE HAVE ATTACHED AN EXCEL SPREADSHEET WITH ALL THE Senate HHS Committee MEMBERS’ EMAILS.  JUST COPY ALL THE EMAILS AT ONE TIME AND PASTE THEM INTO YOUR “BCC" OF YOUR EMAIL MESSAGE.  Also, please attach the infographic only and mention it in your message for their review that briefly explains the HB 369.
Dear Senator, 
My name is ________________and I work at _____________________.
HB 369 passed the House of Representatives on March 5, 2021. I am requesting if you could please request HB 369 to be called up for a vote and to please vote YES in support of this bill.
This legislation removes critical barriers for APRNs and PAs which will help reduce unnecessary pain and suffering of patients, and reduce costs and delays in care. 
PLEASE SUPPORT HB 369 authored by Chairman Alan Powell.
Thank you for your support!!
 (Your NAME and title)