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**MEMBER ALERT** Support HB 1092

Posted about 1 year ago

Call YOUR own GA House Rep (don't know who they are, look up at

THEN Call or email as many legislators as you can out of the 180 GA Representatives on this list. To make sure we reach out to as many as possible, If your Last name starts with A, then call all legislators whose Last name starts with A/B/C...If your last name starts with B then contact at least all legislators whose last name starts with B/C/D and so on. Hoping each NURSE or family/friend/nurse supporter can contact AT LEAST 20 GA Representatives. 

HB 1092 co-sponsored by Chairman Allen Powell and Rep. Randy Nix: is our replacement bill for the previous radiographic bill called HB 409.
It authorizes APRNs the ability to order all types of advanced imaging (CT scan, MRIs, PET scans, & Nuclear scans).

Currently, APRNs can only order advanced imaging during only life-threatening emergencies.
Georgia is the only state left with these restrictions on ordering radiographic imaging for APRNs.
HB 1092: also extends the ratio from 1 MD:4 APRNs to 1 MD:6 APRNs in our nurse protocol agreements which are required in Georgia for prescriptive authority. This would especially be helpful to ALL APRNs but especially for our rural and underserved areas across the state.

Here below is a sample email you can personalize:


I am writing you today to ask to VOTE "YES" in SUPPORT of HB 1092 authored by Chairman Alan Powell. This bill is important in that it will remove unnecessary red tape and allow advanced practice nurses to order CT and MRI in routine situations. Currently, APRNs can order CT and MRI in life-threatening situations but not routine. This delays care and INCREASES COSTS for Georgians! With advancing technology, abnormal mammograms require additional CT imaging. 

Georgia is the ONLY state in the Country that restricts APRNs to order these tests. This bill passed out of GA House Regulated Industries with a UNANIMOUS Vote. With changes proposed in this legislation, it is still at the sole discretion of the GA "delegating physician" to authorize the APRNs working under their supervision to order these tests (as outlined in their Nurse Protocol Agreement). 

Thank you!

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