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PLEASE READ! Do you have a story or know anyone with a story? PLEASE SEE BELOW!

Posted about 2 months ago by Orlin Marquez

AARP Campaigns is interested in finding Real People stories from specific states, including GA.

“We are looking for people to feature in videos that tell a story of how someone was affected by Rx greed. See below for an example.

Doug – https://www.facebook.com/AARPadvocates/videos/vb.302182941354/2144073462382696/?type=2&theater

We are hoping to find patients or nurses that can talk about how high drug prices have affected and impacted their lives. We want to show these stories along with a call to action at the end for Congress to pass legislation to stop Rx greed and lower Rx prices. We are looking for stories in targeted states: AZ, CO, NC, FL, MI, WI, PA, GA

Ideally, we would like to have a patient on video. But we can also look into a nurse sharing a story (or stories) about how he/she has seen Rx greed and prices affect patients in and outside of the hospital. We are looking to take a human angle to the videos so that they are very relatable.”

If you know of any, can you please have them reach out to me at lisaeichelberger@clayton.edu  7703096371 cell?   This request is time-sensitive and need responses ASAP but no later than February 25th.   Thank you


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