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Call to Action HB 409 Remove APRN Radiology Barriers

Posted 14 days ago by Molly Bachtel

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Call to Action on HB 409. We need your help!!

This bill addresses some of the current radiology restrictions on APRNs in GA (adding ability to order routine CT/MRI)

Starting today…..Email and/or Call each of the House Committee Members listed below asking for a hearing and support for HB 409. We especially need calls and emails to the Chair Rep. Newton from people in the Augusta area.

Special Committee On Access to Quality Health Care

Committee Members

Newton, Mark Chairman           404.656.0254   mark.newton@house.ga.gov Augusta

Cooper, Sharon Vice Chairman 770.956.8357   sharon.cooper@house.ga.gov Marietta

Bentley, Patty Member              404.656.0287    patty.bentley@house.ga.gov Butler

Corbett, John Member               404.656.0213   john.corbett@house.ga.gov Lake Park

Frye, Spencer Member               404.656.0265   spencer.frye@house.ga.gov Athens

Hatchett, Matt Member             404.656.5025    matt.hatchett@house.ga.gov Dublin

Houston, Penny Member         404.463.2248    penny.houston@house.ga.gov Nashville

Jones, Todd Member                 404.656.0213    todd.jones@house.ga.gov Cumming

Nix, Randy Member                  404.656.5146     randy.nix@house.ga.gov LaGrange

Parrish, Butch Member            404.463.2246     butch.parrish@house.ga.gov Swainsboro

Pirkle, Clay Member                  404.656.0188    clay.pirkle@house.ga.gov Ashburn

Prince, Brian Member              404.656.0116     brian.prince@house.ga.gov Augusta

Smith, Richard H. Member     404.656.5141      richard.smith@house.ga.gov Columbus

Smyre, Calvin Member            404.656.0109      calvin.smyre@house.ga.gov Columbus

Link to Bill