United Advanced Practice Registered Nurses of Georgia

UAPRN Announces New Partnership with The Nurse Practitioner Journal

Posted 3 months ago by Brian Brown

United Advanced Practice Registered Nurses is proud to present a new partnership with The Nurse Practitioner Journal. The Nurse Practitioner is the leading monthly source for clinical, practical, cutting-edge information for advanced practice nurses and other primary care clinicians. 

Each issue presents peer-reviewed articles that range from clinical topics and research to political and practice issues. In addition, The Nurse Practitioner provides regular features, columns, continuing education, staff development education, and more.

"This partnership will help to strengthen our media arm by providing our organization a credible and influential media partner to assist us in bringing awareness to issues that are affecting nurses." Stated UAPRN President, Dr. Michelle Nelson. "The publication will be delivered to nurses and healthcare professionals to help keep them informed and educated on the latest advances and news in our industry."

Members of UAPRN Georgia will now receive a one-year subscription to The Nurse Practitioner as part of their membership. For more information, visit: The Nurse Practitioner online. 

Additional information will be sent to you regarding access to your online subscription form Lippincott Journals.