United Advanced Practice Registered Nurses of Georgia

Legislative Engagement

Posted 2 months ago by Michelle Nelson

Dear UAPRN Family,

​I wanted to take the time to discuss our position on legislative engagement. UAPRN is a non-profit 501c3 organization that is non-partisan. UAPRN does not support or endorse legislative candidates. We do however give them a platform to express their views. Our organization is a melting pot of individuals from all walks of life, convictions, thoughts, ideologies and backgrounds. We pride ourselves in extending openness and opportunities to those who may have ideas that are different from our own. Our legislators fall in that category and we respectfully welcome them all​ to engage with us. We spend a great deal of time and effort with legislators advocating on your behalf to make sure that ALL of your voices are heard and placed under consideration, especially knowing that their decisions affect your lives daily in profound ways.

​As of recent there have been questions about the political affiliations of UAPRN. Let me be clear. We are affiliated with all individuals, inclusive of legislators, who are aligned with supporting our mission based on the provision of optimal healthcare to Georgians. Any and all legislators (Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Independent, Constitution, Green, etc.) are engaged for the purposes of moving forward the agenda of access to quality and affordable care. As the legislative session is fast approaching, crucial Committee Meetings are already in full swing. Under consideration thus far is the physician oversight of APRN and PA practice along with the Lieutenant Governors Taskforce on healthcare cost, of which there are no appointed nurse members. UAPRN is and will always be the voice of APRNs ensuring representation and striving for "a seat at the table". Please understand that this is only possible when we openly work to foster constructive dialogue where all voices are heard and considered.

Continue to put your trust in UAPRN, your professional organization. We have your back legislatively, clinically, professionally, and otherwise. Stick with us and support us with your presence, well wishes, financial contributions, membership and overall good vibes. We can't do this without you! I am so very proud to represent you and to have been the recipient of the AANP 2019 award for Excellence in State Advocacy. Working tirelessly with the leadership team on your behalf won that award for us all. I am looking forward to seeing you this year at the Unity Conference where more of these issues will be discussed at length. Remember to invite your friends, colleagues, peers, and students to partake and join us!


Michelle A. Nelson
UAPRN State President