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Saxenda Dinner Invite

Posted 13 days ago by Ashley Blackmon

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Do you care for non-pregnant, non-elderly adults who desperately need to lose weight? (Who doesn't?!) Check out this dinner invite for Saxenda! Only 10-12 people can come due to limited seating. Novo-Nordisk is sponsoring a booth at our Unity Conference and some of the pharm reps want to build stronger relationships with APRNs. This was an exclusive invitation sent to UAPRN members but we are extending the invitation to followers as well (join UAPRN!). Let me know if you RSVP - email me back at uaprnexec@gmail.com

Hope everyone had a great Independence day!


Del Price 9 days ago

I’d like to attend

Mona Fontaine 9 days ago

Please put me down for this event

Please put me down for this event. Thank you

Angela Peeples 8 days ago

Please add me to attend this event. Thank You!

Kimberly Barbee 8 days ago

Please add me for attending!

Mark Morgenstern 8 days ago

e mailed back not got reply yet

Steffanee Jurado 8 days ago

Where is it?

Finda Kaimachiande 7 days ago

When is the event

Olusola Fleming 7 days ago

I would like to attend.

I would also like to attend

Nimota Adeboye 1 minute ago - Remove

Hope you have my name on this already.

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