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Provider Adherence to Routine Screenings for Alcohol Abuse DNP Project

Posted 11 months ago by Michelle Nelson

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Good Morning,

My name is Jasmine Franklin. I am a nurse practitioner student at Middle Georgia State University. I am also a new UAPRN member. I am conducting research for my capstone project about provider’s motivation to conduct alcohol screenings for their patients. Based on the literature currently available, reasons providers do not utilize screening tools vary. I would like to do further research specifically to APRNs in the state of Georgia. I have received IRB approval from my school Middle Georgia State University to conduct research. Attached is my PowerPoint with more information on my research and my survey with informed consent. Inclusion criteria are APRNs in Georgia with patient population greater than or equal to the age of 13 years or older. Exclusion criteria would be APRNs with patient population less than or equal to 12 years of age. Participation is voluntary and is not required. At any point during the survey a participant may choose to stop and exit. Thank you so much for your help and participation.

Jasmine Franklin



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