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Call To ACTION TODAY! Support PTIP passage by contacting key GA Senators on Senate Rules plus YOUR OWN SENATOR!

Posted 5 months ago by Molly Bachtel

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TODAY, ASAP We need YOU to call/email Senate Rules Committee Members plus LTG and Senator Blake Tillery. Kindly ask them to put HB 287 PTIP on the Senate Calendar for a Vote on the Senate Floor.

Here is the contact info. You can make all these call in 10 minutes! If you can only call half if your last name starts with A to L call the first Half of the list, M-Z last half of list.

Also call your own GA Senator to ask them to Vote YES ON PTIP, We NEED MORE PRECEPTORS FOR OUR APRN STUDENTS attending GA Schools! There is only a few days left in the session! ACTION TODAY IS NEEDED.

Mullis, Jeff (404) 656-0057

Hill, Jack (404) 656-5038

Jones, Burt (770) 775-4880

Dugan, Mike (404) 463-2478

Gooch, Steve (404) 656-9221

Kennedy, John F. (404) 656-0045

Miller, Butch (404) 656-6578

Beach, Brandon (404) 463-1378

Burke, Dean (404) 656-0040

Butler, Gloria S. (404) 656-0075

Cowsert, Bill (404) 463-1366

Harper, Tyler (404) 463-5263

Henson, Steve(404) 656-0085

Jones II, Harold V. (404) 463-3942

Tate, Horacena (404) 463-8053

Unterman, Renee S (404) 463-1368

Lt Gov. Geoff Duncan 404-656-5030

Senator Blake Tillery (404) 656-0089
(Admin. Floor Leader)