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Sign up January 15th Nursing Legislative Agenda Delivery Day at the GA State Capitol

Posted 6 months ago by Molly Bachtel

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Calling all Nurses, come to the Georgia State Capitol and help deliver our 2019 Legislative Agenda the morning of Tuesday Jan. 15th to support "Trimming" Away Barriers to APRN Practice. Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned nursing advocate, you will have a great morning connecting with Legislators. Students are encouraged to participate in this engaging event!

Consider this "basic training" for advocacy work at the Capitol. We need need more nurses with this skill set developed as we continue to build a grassroots movement to remove barriers each year. This year we are again focused on leading efforts to remove the barrier on ordering radiology tests and on supporting the expansion of PTIP to included APRN preceptors. We will have about 2 hours to hand deliver agendas to about 240 legislators. Ideally we would have at least 50 people attend this event. 

When: Tuesday Jan 15th 2019

           8 am to 12 noon

Where: Georgia State Capitol (more specific location will be sent out by Jan 9th)

(if you arrive later then meet up outside Clerk of House Office room 309 on 3rd floor of Capitol. Session starts at 10 am)

What to Wear: Lab coat with professional clothes or lab coat with scrubs. CAPRN will provide blue Scarf to signify you are a nurse.

Questions? Contact CAPRN Legislative Liaison Molly Bachtel by text, phone call or email. 

                 (404) 285-4647    email: molly.bachtel@gmail.com

CAPRN 2019 Legislative Agenda 

1. CAPRN Supports Legislation that removes the current restriction on APRNs from ordering Radiological Imaging Tests.

*Key Points:

            *GA is the ONLY STATE in the USA that restricts APRNs from ordering  CT/MRIs.

            *GA Physician Assistants CAN order these tests without Restrictions.

            *Safety checks are in place for ALL ordering Providers including National        Guidelines and Insurances requiring Prior Authorization (APRNs can already order in Life-threatening circumstances)

2. CAPRN supports improving the GA Healthcare Workforce Pipeline and remedy current clinical site shortages for students attending Georgia health professional schools. CAPRN supports expansion of existing Preceptor Tax Incentive Program  for Physician Preceptors to included APRN and PA preceptors. (“PTIP” Bill)

3. Supports Legislation that improves access to safe, cost effective healthcare by removing statutory, regulatory, and institutional barriers that prevent APRNs from practicing to the fullest extent of their education and training.