United Advanced Practice Registered Nurses of Georgia

2018 Year in Review!

Posted 6 months ago by Ashley Blackmon

Dear colleagues,

UAPRN has been busier than ever in 2018! In January, the new state board officers took their posts alongside already-president Michelle Nelson and got to work planning the inaugural Unity Conference and mapping out our advocacy agenda for the legislative session. As we approach the close of 2018, we would like to point out several victories for this year:

  • UAPRN had a strong APRN presence at the Capitol from January through March and were involved in testimony before the Senate as well as participating in legislative committee meetings.
  • Therefore, a record of FOUR nursing-related pieces of legislation were written and passed their initial committees and congresses. Though they ultimately did not become law, the feat was a victory in itself! Known issues and legal language now exist and can be put to better use this year!
  • UAPRN partnered with EMPOWRD to help increase our involvement with legislative calls to action!
  • We launched the initiation of the Unity Movement with a leadership networking kick off at the Commerce Club in June – bringing healthcare leadership from all over Georgia together.
  • There were a record number of conferences attended and hosted! UAPRN hosted conferences including the West Georgia Chapter’s annual conference, the 5th Transitions Day for new APRN grads hosted by the Atlanta and Gwinnett/Forsyth Chapters, and the inaugural Unity Conference hosted by the state UAPRN and GNA! Conferences that were attended by UAPRN leaders include AANP, GANS, GANES, the Georgia Biennial, the Atlanta Barkley Review, The Flint River Nurse Practitioner Association Pharmacology Review, The Nurses Conference for the Barbados Nurses Association! And more!
  • The State board has been invited to numerous podcast interviews (including NP Student Magazine and NP Hub Healthcare Heroes!), conference speaking, college classes as guest lecturers, as well as hosted their own radio show!
  • We added the Southeast Georgia Chapter! We are so excited about giving strength in numbers to our rural colleagues out in Coffee and surrounding counties! Welcome!!!
  • We increased our social media presence by FOUR HUNDRED percent! We also launched a LinkedIn page, a Facebook Group, and YouTube channel! Be sure to follow all our outlets to keep up to date!

We hope to do even more in 2019! We are looking forward to the future. None of the above include all of the behind-the-scenes work with phone calls, leadership meetings, and support otherwise offered for nursing in Georgia by UAPRN this year. Where we are now and moving forward, the possibilities are endless. Please consider renewing your membership or becoming a member if you haven't already! All leaders are volunteers and your membership dues go towards supporting our lobbyist as well as funding our events and scholarships! If you want to become more involved then please let us know at uaprnexec@gmail.com. We need people working on our website, social media outlets, leadership in chapters, starting chapters, helping with event organization, etc! You name it then we can find a place for you. For everyone who has already been contributing and is committed to continuing the work in the future – thank you! We would not be who we are without you! Have a safe and happy New Year. Know that 2019 is going to be the best yet!