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Announcement: Six Sigma Workshop!

Posted 11 months ago by Ashley Blackmon

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We are so excited about the upcoming conference! Especially the Lean Six Sigma certification course! Know that this course usually is given over several days. Hurry and register so that you can do some of the online pre-course work this week!

Lean Six Sigma is a powerful improvement methodology that allows healthcare teams to provide exceptional service by streamlining patient care processes, eliminating wasted efforts from the work area, and providing a continuous focus on delivering value to patients and families. 

Attending the Lean Six Sigma for Healthcare Yellow Belt course is important because at the heart of Lean Six Sigma is its focus to enable your staff that is closest to the patient to identify problems and empowers them to fix the problems with a set of proven problem-solving tools and techniques. 

See the attached brochure for more information. Register today at www.nursingunity.com! See you there!


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