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Legislative Session 2018 - Sine Die Final Update

Posted over 1 year ago by Michelle Nelson

Good Morning UAPRN,

It is difficult to report this morning that none of the four bills related to nursing passed this session. Although these bills were passed by one or both chambers, ultimately time ran out before differences in bill language could be resolved. Please know that the APRN, Healthcare Workforce, Board of Nursing and the PTIP bills did not go down without a fight. In the next few weeks our leadership and lobbyists will debrief to devise a new strategy to move forward. 

The good news is that progress was made. Many legislators are now more aware of the untapped potential of APRNs to improve healthcare in Georgia. Legislative work is a long game. Although we are disappointed in this session, future prospects are great. Our grassroots movement is growing and flourishing because of you.

We want to acknowledge the insanely voluminous and tireless work of our CAPRN leader Dr. Molly Bachtel as well as all legislators that supported our efforts. Please send them a personal thank you. They will be encouraged to continue this work with us!!

So where do we go from here? Most certainly we must remain positive and encouraged. Legislative advocacy is not easy and takes a long time for positive progression. UAPRN is committed to this work indefinitely!!!! We will continue to fight for the citizens of Georgia who deserve optimal healthcare. Additionally, we fight for APRNS to be able to practice at the highest levels of our education, certification and experience. We deserve it!!

Increase your engagement. Stay encouraged and encourage everyone around you to join/support UAPRN and CAPRN. Be inspired and inspire others to be their very best. Although we will continue to face opposition as it threatens and makes others uncomfortable, do not be deterred. We are well on our way moving forward together!!

Michelle Nelson

Your Humble and Always Encouraged UAPRN State President


Irene Stephanopoulos over 1 year ago

I am a FNP that recently relocated to Ga fro Ohio. I must say I am disappointed and sadden by the barriers to practice in this state. After doing some investigating I have learned that Ga is the 4th ( top 5 ) worse state for NPs to practice in. I feel under valued and unable to practice to my full scope of practice. I just became a member of UAPRN and hope to help bring the changed needed for Nurse Practitioners in the state of Georgia.

Thank you for all you do !
Irene Stephanopoulos FNP -BC

Mike Wiggins over 1 year ago

Thanks for giving a great effort and we will try again next year. MAG is so powerful in Atlanta and has lots of money. It is going to take a going forward and getting involved in our APRN careers and Associations (along with much prayer and God's Blessing) to finally prevail. But one day we will prevail. If the politicians were really as concerned about the health care of Georgians as they say, then our bills would have already passed years ago. Thanks, Mike Wiggins MSN RN FNP-BC Vidalia GA

Jorge Menjivar about 1 year ago

I just joined UAPRN a couple of weeks ago. Is there an informal chat thread for the APRNs to throw out ideas, connect and so forth? Like Irene above, I share the same sentiments. My original state of licensure as a RN was in S.C. and when my classmate from my ADN and Graduate program told me that S.C. NP's will be able to work independently I was shocked... so I am ready... to be involved for more reasons than one!!!!

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