United Advanced Practice Registered Nurses of Georgia

Breaking News for HB 927

Posted over 1 year ago by Ashley Blackmon

Breaking news: HB 927 passed the Senate! Again, this was SB 351 but it has not moved out of the House HHS Committee so it has gone on a different bill number back through the Senate. It will go back to the House for "agrees" or "disagrees." We need 91 "agrees" for it to pass! The message is simple: this bill allows for APRNs to order advanced imaging studies and MDs to collaborate with 8 instead of just 4 APRNs. This increases access to healthcare and reduces costs with redundant visits. Please call your representative today! There is only Tuesday and Thursday left in the session! Come to the Capitol those days if you can! 


Remember, you could be getting quick text reminders with links to your legislators through the Empowrd app! With only 2 days left, we can do it!