United Advanced Practice Registered Nurses of Georgia

Call the Action! Time Sensitive!

Posted over 1 year ago by Ashley Blackmon

Good afternoon everyone! Please be sure and call your state senator today letting them know to support HB 927! This bill is simple and only allows 2 things:

- MDs to collaborate with 8 instead of just 4 APRNs.

- APRNs to be able to order advanced imaging without MD signature.

This bill does nothing for prescriptive rights. It will increase access to healthcare and decrease healthcare costs. Remember, Georgia is the only state that has imaging study restriction on APRNs. This restriction does not apply to PAs. If you still have not signed up for the Empowrd app then you may do so here: http://onelink.to/xzexga
Using the Empowrd app will allow you to directly access your senator or representative quickly. We will also be sending out calls to action in the app so that you can more quickly engage your legislators. If you have already signed up for Empowrd then you already have a message! If you did not get a message then you may have used a different email address than what we have on file. Please contact us to let us know. As soon as you sign up you will have a message! This is applicable only for active UAPRN members and it is FREE.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to updating you further! Your work has not gone unnoticed!