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Urgent Call to Action! Call/Email Rule Committee today! Ask: PLEASE Put Nursing bills SB 334, SB 351, SB 434 on Schedule for Senate Floor Vote Deadline of Feb 28th or our Bills Dies

Posted over 1 year ago by Molly Bachtel

Goodmorning APRNs of Georgia,

We have an new Call to Action for our NURSING Bills. Your ACTION/HELP IS VITAL TO KEEPING OUR BILLS ALIVE!

Senator Unterman, tells us we NOW need start calling/emailing the Senate Rules Committee to ask them to put SB 334 (BON/SoS Bill), SB 351 (Radiology Barrier & Ratio Expansion), SB 434 (Healthcare Workforce to include APRN Workforce Data) on the calendar for a vote.

You can also call your own senators (look up at open.states.org)

We only have until Feb 28th to get bill out for a VOTE or OUR BILL WILL DIE in the Rules Committee. It will only take about 10 minutes to make these calls or emails. 

The message is simple: "Good morning, I am calling to ask that Senator XXX who serves on the Senate Rules Committee put several important nursing bills on the calendar for a vote on the Senate Floor. The bills are SB 334, SB 351, SB 434. These bills are very important to the 160,000 nurses in GA. Thank you so much" (or something along those lines)

Senate Rules Committee:

Mullis, Jeff (Chairman)
Phone: (404) 656-0057
(404) 656-0075
(404) 656-0085
 (404) 463-8055
(404) 656-0048

Also, here is a link to the most recent version of SB 351.