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Wake up Call to APRNs! GA Exterminators have more Political Clout (MONEY+POWER) than GA NURSES! We can Change this...Donate Today!

Posted over 1 year ago by Molly Bachtel

Dear APRNs of Georgia,

I must share with you a sad and shocking reality, that Senator Renee Unterman shared with the group of Nurses at a GNA bootcamp last weekend. Did you know the Georgia Pest Control Association that represents a profession that exterminates Rats and Cockroaches has more POLITICAL CLOUT at the state Capitol than GEORGIA NURSES! http://caprn.org/support/

How can this be? There are 130,000 RNs in Georgia, yet beyond numbers is takes a willingness to ADVOCATE and MONEY to have political clout. Also a sad statistic over 3/4 of the people recieving this email are followers of UAPRN but not current members, please join UAPRN, don't delay! UAPRN members are automatically part of Georgia Coalition of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses  (GA CAPRN). Your membership gives APRNs of Georgia more Political Clout and also gives UAPRN some money that they can put toward supporting our APRN lobbyist. http://caprn.org/support/

With 13,000 APRNs in Georgia we should NOT be struggling to raise $24,000 to meet our basic expenses for our lobbying efforts, but sadly we are. Currently we have only $6K out of the $24K needed in financial commitments for 2108, and CAPRN has not yet received any organational membership dues for 2018. CAPRN only has enough money in the Bank to pay our lobbyist through this Febuary, then we are in the RED once again. CAPRN cannot continue its work to ADVOCATE for APRNs , our industry without both FINANCIAL SUPPORT from APRN organizations PLUS SUPPORT from individual APRNs. Please Consider making an individual Donation TODAY. This is your profession, your livelihood, your state's APRN practice environment we are working to improve. http://caprn.org/support/

We have much work ahead, and this is a very busy legislative session with Full Practice Authority Legislation for Rural GA, Funding for Pregnancy Centering Programs, Preceptor Tax Incentive Legislation that will extend the benefit of a Tax Credit to APRN preceptors for the first time, and Legislation to increase the autonomy and efficiency of the Board of Nursing by moving out from under the Secretary of State's office. Please know who your State Senator and State Representatives are and be willing to contact them and meet with them. We need your generous Financial Support. http://caprn.org/support/

There are a few APRNs among us spending countless volunteer hours on this work, most cannot give an enormous amount of time, but you CAN give money that is ESSENTIAL to having political clout. If you can come to APRN of the Day this session please sign up (caprn.org), we need your involvement. Free CE credit will once again be offered. 

Individual donations can be made at: 


Also at this link you can find a application for Institutional Supporters at any level. So please share with practices and businesses that may be willing to support.

Thank you for considering this humble request,


Molly Bachtel, DNP, APRN, FNP-C

CEO/Chair Georgia CAPRN

UAPRN Member

(404) 285-4647 cell